Nonimmigrant Visas

If you wish to enter the United States for a temporary period of time, you must apply for and obtain a temporary Nonimmigrant Visa. There are several different types of Nonimmigrant Visas, all of which are classified according the purpose of your visit. Each will dictate the terms of your stay in the United States, including the activities you are permitted to engage in and the duration of your stay. Many Nonimmigrant Visa categories demand that individuals demonstrate nonimmigrant intent. This generally requires proof that you have a residence in a foreign country which you have no intention of abandoning. Most Nonimmigrant Visas allow you to bring your spouse and unmarried minor children to the United States with you.

If you are currently outside of the United States, you can complete the Nonimmigrant Visa application process through consular processing, which will be conducted at the United States Embassy in the country where you live. Generally, consular processing will require you to supply a number of forms and documentation. You will also have to attend an interview by making a personal appearance at the Embassy.

There are several types of Nonimmigrant Visas including tourist, business, employment, student, and family. Which one you apply for will be determined by the purpose of your visit. Contact Sharkey Law today and we will help you navigate the process.

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